Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Almost Eclipse Time

©2014 by ML Monroe
Tonight ~ or more precisely, in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning ~ there is going to be a lunar eclipse. I'm hoping to wake up enough to see it and perhaps even snap a few shots of it.

As I went for a walk after dinner tonight, the Moon was above the horizon, but still in the region of the sky where it looks huge. I love those moments of seeing Her in a way larger and appearing closer than at any other time in the night sky. The nearly cloudless sky made for a bright and beautiful view of Her. I would stop every now and again on my walk to take a few more pictures.

In the view of some folk, I may be considered lunatic. The Moon is an attraction I do not challenge. She is my passion. Or perhaps, more precisely, She reflects my passion. I love the night ~ and look for Her in it, no matter Her phase.

As the time for the lunar eclipse draws near, I am tired and yawning, but excited. I got some great pictures during the last one and would love to get some this time as well. However, it's the thought of the entire lunar eclipse process, and what it means, that captures my imagination and holds me in thrall. That at the fullness of the eclipse, She cannot reflect the light of the Sun because Earth is in the way. What part does that play in the continuing relationship of Luna and Sol?

How do you feel about the lunar eclipse? What do you think about the process? What effect does the eclipse have on you? What would you like it to have?

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