Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Sometimes there are words with which one must fall in love. Pluviophile is one of those for me.

This past the weekend was an exceptionally wet one. Upon leaving the house on Saturday, the comment was made that the rain was "awfully wet" at that moment. I chuckled at the comment, yet agreed with the sentiment. Especially since several rivulets were coursing down my head as I darted into the open and waiting van. The raindrops were big and ploppy. They splattered on the windshield and street, and, I suppose, on my head. Not small, gentle drips, but full, round drops.

On the rainy days since Saturday, I found myself smiling more, walking more erect and listening to the patter of the rainfall. Strolling slowly, deliberately, with an open awareness of the water coming down, or about to do so, I felt a kinship with the women in the picture. What incredible fun!

What kind of weather brings joy to your heart? Is there a special descriptive word or name for it? How do you act when you're filled with joy? Any types of weather that cause a 'blah' feeling for you?

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