Monday, October 6, 2014

Lunar Web

©2014 by ML Monroe

The moon is waxing toward full ~ and toward a lunar eclipse. As I took a picture of it through the branches of a tree, I did not see the fine lines of a spider's web. Not until I was looking at the pictures on my computer were those threads visible.

What a fitting hidden attribute for the month of October! Grandmother Spider weaving Her web to catch Luna. Even if Luna were to come close to Her web, Grandmother Spider could not hold Her.

Once, a very, very long time ago, Luna's feet touched Gaia, the Great Mother Earth. She was one of the Great Mother's daughters. She radiated beauty, reflecting the joy and effervescent life around Her. Where many of Her sisters were loud, She spoke quietly, Her laughter as a tinkling bell. Because She was so quiet, She could often wander off by Herself without anyone noticing.

When She wandered into the sky, Sol noticed Her and demanded an explanation as to how and why She was in His territory. Sol had noticed Luna's presence, but He had not taken note of the full extent of the beauty of that presence. Since Luna was prone to wandering into unknown territories, Sol requested Grandmother Spider weave a net to keep Her out of His sky.

Grandmother Spider wove the web as Sol asked, but neither He nor Luna knew how the thoughtlessly requested web would come to trap them both.

Have you ever made a request when you were upset that you may not otherwise have done? How would you treat an intruder into your space? Do you keep your upset feelings in check? or do they rule you in the moment?

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