Thursday, October 30, 2014

Message of Initiation

Shapeshifter Tarot

"As the initiate, you are learning to control your willpower in order to accomplish your goals and desires. A new cycle of life and being are before you; use the wisdom of the dragon to determine whether this cycle will be positive or negative."

Today I sought a reading on my strengths, or needed strengths. I was feeling drowsy, not able to truly concentrate and didn't like the first two readings I received. I wanted more positivity. The first two times, I received cards that were questionably not of a hopeful and positive voice. Each time there was one that was saying I could be selfish or insensitive or bull-headed. Of course any of those things may be true, but I certainly didn't want them in my reading! Ha!

Besides the card (one of three each time) that would be of a more accusatory nature, there was one, or perhaps both, of the remaining cards sounded similar to this one. Since I could feel the strength of my will encouraging me to continue to look for the 'right' interpretation of a card, I thought this one most suitable. It also called upon the power of the dragon, and I liked that as well. I have a particular affinity for the creatures ~ and I like the strong sense of blowing wind in the card's imagery.

Another point with which I was instantly connected was the title of the card: Initiation. The explanation card referred to me, the participant, as an initiate. I like that particular label: initiate, "a person who is instructed or adept in some special field." It's like being part of a special, sacred or secret group. It's nice to feel 'selected' for something.

How does the term 'initiation' strike you? What do you think about being an initiate? How have you reacted when something turned up in your life that you didn't want? What did you do?

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