Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Get Up, Never Give Up

This feels like a statement I should be writing about on a Monday ~~ because Mondays are simply 'those' kind of days. Instead, I'm posting this on a Tuesday.

Sometimes I wake up feeling grumpy or tired or sad. I have to tell myself everything will get better. Ha! On some of those days, it's easy to say, "The only way for things to go is UP!

What I like best about this statement is the very last three words: "never give up." It's not about life being perfect or so screwy that everyone should feel sorry for me. It's not as though things will always be rosy. It's about not giving up on life. And not just any life. Your own.

I remember days when getting out of bed is really tough because I feel sad or sick or sometimes both. I drag myself out of bed... or I bound out of bed. Either way, I get up. It's not so much about how I perform the act ~ it's about doing it. Because, I've discovered this through my own trials, action really is more than moving the body. As I move my body, my energy increases and I begin to feel better, then moving and the motivation for it becomes easier. The spiral goes up instead of down.

Getting dressed helps too. At first, changing into anything helps. Gradually, I find that I want to look good ~ or dress a certain way. I begin to care about my appearance. Then I begin to care about who I see and what I say and, well, everything.

What do you do for yourself on days when you feel down? How do you stay focused? How do you "show up"? What have your experiences taught you about 'never giving up'?

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