Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wind Faery

Thoughts, Words, Intellectual Analysis
The Wind Faery whispers that the power of thoughts manifests the unseen into the physical. Take time to observe your predominant thoughts. Are they positive? Do they reflect empowering concepts? Or are they negative and disempowering? When you tune in to how your mind is focused, you will surely see the relationships between your environment and the thoughts you're thinking. To change the world of outer conditions, you must first change the way you think. The Wind Faery also reminds you of the power of intellect, as this is a good time to use the power of your analytical mind. Think before your act; this is not the time for impulsive action. A well-thought-out strategy will yield a positive result.

My question when I drew this card: What strength will be present on this day? Thoughts, Words, Intellectual Analysis. I couldn't find more precise terms than that. How utterly amazing. What I need is to be aware of my thoughts and insure that they stay in the realm of positive. I will draw to me whatever it is that I am thinking. I choose to maintain peace.

I love this image of the Wind Faery. Eyes closed, allowing the wind to blow hair and garment, to carry and uphold both. She is clearly at peace, no matter the circumstance. She is also unabashed by setting herself into alignment with the wind. With her closed eyes and calm demeanor, she exudes confidence and grace.

What do you see in the Wind Faery? Which of her traits calls to you? or do they all? Why is she visiting you now? How will you change your thinking?

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