Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another Super Moon

Cloud Reflection by ML Monroe 2014
The more Super Moons we have ~ or label ~ the less impressive they sound. Suffice it to say, no matter how many there are, I will be impressed. I've taken more pictures of Lady Moon than of any other person, place or thing. I'm continually fascinated by Her.

This one is the closest and the brightest of 2014.

The theme for this Full Moon is about standing in your own personal power. Own your power as it is in this very moment ~ because this moment is truly all you have. What's past is past. Own your choices without dwelling on them, without second-guessing whether they were right or wrong. Step into clarity and steadfast healing. Let go of resistance to change ~ evaluate what is going on in the present moment and allow for grace to enter and move you and your life into the best direction. Stay aware of what motivates you and how you move into your core, your truth, your purpose. As with all Full Moons, open yourself to letting Light into every corner and watch what it reveals!

What motivates you? What is your purpose? How do you feel about the Light brightening the darkest corners of your life? How do you feel about the Moon?

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