Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transient Existence

There have been many news stories around the transience of life ~ although the media does not refer to it in that manner. They're a bit too fear mongering for that.

A month ago, a friend of mine had a stroke at the gym. She died four days later, never waking from the stroke and consequent surgery. Why did such a vibrant, loving young woman die?

Recently, a mother of two young boys left home late one afternoon and wasn't heard from again. A week later, it was discovered that she had taken her own life. So many unanswered questions.

Yesterday, Robin Williams apparently took his own life. He leaves behind a legacy of bringing much joy to so very many people. He himself must have felt much pain. More unanswered questions.

Police in Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old young man. His grandmother found his body in the street. Again, unanswered questions.

Today Lauren Bacall died of a stroke at age 89. After living a long, productive life. None of the angst associated with the other deaths, and yet a loss, a passing from our world.

Buddha equates "the birth and death of beings" with "looking at the movements of a dance." Depending on the influence of the particular being's birth or death on our individual life, the dance has a different appearance, a distinct interpretation. Yet it remains transient. It passes us by without asking our permission.

Do you feel or believe that life is transient? that births and deaths are like dance movements? How else are you affected by the passing of others into and out of this world? Are you more or less affected by those who've been 'larger than life' (like Williams or Bacall)?

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