Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lion in Life

Animal Wisdom Tarot

Animal Wisdom Tarot Guide book:
Traditional: Strength
Keynote: Courage, Compassion, Acceptance, Love
Message: Be true to self, claim authority
"Admired for physical prowess and spiritual wisdom, Lion represents strength, stability, and leadership. ... Lion walks gracefully, encouraging us to embrace our noble spirit.
Receiving this card advises honest appraisal of inner strength and character. ... Lion roars and commands respect - a clue to express yourself and step into your power. ... Lion advises patience, compassion and respect - find balance with an open heart. ... Channel passions and align wayward energies through creative, meaningful projects of self-discovery.
Originally associated with the Goddess, Lion melds feline and feminine energies, reminding us that true strength is not violent or controlling, but emerges through love, appreciation, and acceptance of self and others. Be present,overcome fear with trust, and advance on your journey to self-actualization."

As I edge closer to Monday's renewed work journey, I find myself seeking deeper connections to the strengths I have. Wanting confirmation that the strengths exist and that I have the capacity to work with them. So with that in mind, I drew a card ~ and Lion arrived!

The last paragraph struck me most deeply. Yes, I like the roaring for respect and finding balance and channeling passions. But I'd let go the connection to the Goddess, to the Feminine Energies alive in the world.

Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet ~ who could dare to forget Her? Strong, powerful, deeply connected to our gut instincts. Also the goddess of war and vengeance. Whew! Not the side of Lion and Goddess I willingly embrace!

The Goddess on a Lion Throne ~ abundant in the archaeology of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Canaan/Israel. Some of the Goddesses are Inanna, Ishtar, Kybele, 'Ashtart, Asherah, Anahita and Hebat. Strong, able to be mistress of the strong feline powers of the Lion!

Goddess Durga (Sanskrit for fort or a place difficult to overrun; OR "the one who eliminates sufferings") is the mother of the universe and believed to be the power behind creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. Her incarnations include Kali, Bhagvati, Bhavani, Ambika, Lalita, Gauri, Kandalini, Java, Rajeswari. She has nine forms. Her 8 or 10 arms are considered to protect her devotees from all directions. Her lion represents power, will and determination ~ qualities over which She has mastery.

Maybe it's time for me to study more of the Goddesses with Lions!

How do you view the qualities of Lion in your life? Do you feel strong, confident? How do you exhibit those qualities? How can you develop them further in your life?

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