Sunday, August 3, 2014

Learning Curve

Learning curves are a natural part of learning new tasks, new jobs, new means of expression. No matter how old I get, every time I find myself in the midst of a new process, I recognize that I am also beginning a new learning curve.

At my workplace, we don't discuss our dreams and/or our healings from the night before or the previous weekend or any time for that matter. Occasionally, we talk about our goals or even dreams/plans we had when younger. Those momentary references to personal insights are rare. We exhibit a level of uncomfortability with that kind of sharing.

I cherish the times I'm with friends who share a common language of feelings, dreams and healings.  Those are the moments, the times when I feel truly seen, known and appreciated. It is a learning curve to continue the conversation into the mundane pieces of my life and allowing for the stares and the stammers and the misunderstandings of those who don't know that facet of my life and my being.

I also believe I can talk about the football, baseball and soccer games and the lottery and the news with all of those people as well. Part of the learning curve for me is allowing, even encouraging, the wide variety of expressions to come through. Then my life is full, enriched and enriching.

Do you have people to discuss your dreams with? and your healings? Do you have, take or make the opportunity to focus on those parts of your life? What is your learning curve?

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