Saturday, January 24, 2015

Achieving a Smile

My latest Teabag Tarot.... and I'm giggling about it. Really? A smile is an achievement? Well, sometimes it is.

Sometimes happenings take me by surprise: a friend's hospitalization, a new pet at a relative's house, a pink slip in my pay envelope. Most surprises bring with them a sense of "oh, no!" which can translate into anything from fear to grief to shock. Even when the news is good ~ an engagement, an upcoming graduation, a raise ~ my first reaction is rarely a smile. To smile, to show happiness, at those moments is an accomplishment all in and of itself.

It's also difficult at times to get those corners of my mouth to turn up. When I am focused on work, I can feel my lips purse with intention. When I am doing housework or riding my bike or writing this blog, often my thoughts are flying faster than my fingers and I am not necessarily smiling either. Smiling at those moments, although happier times, also happens with reminders.

My giggling at this particular Teabag Tarot shows the strange paradox of the seriousness as well as the lightheartedness of its message. I look forward to practicing and rewarding myself with a smile as often as I can.

Do you ever feel the difficulty of smiling? How do you remind yourself to smile more often? When was the last time you caught yourself smiling and wondered why? What was the most difficult time for you to smile?

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