Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dark Resurrection

Here we are. Once again within a day of the Full Moon. Beside us stands Inanna, Goddess of Going Into Dark Places.

The card reads: If you descend into darkness, you can emerge unscathed. What it fails to mention is that you will not emerge unchanged. So much time and energy is spent on being unscathed that it is easy to miss the changes.

The greatest power of Inanna is that She could descend into the Darkness ~ the Deepest Darkness, the realm of her sister Ereshkigal. Every step of the way, through seven gates, the Queen Moon had to remove every visible aspect of Her Queenhood.

Think this was easy? Maybe that it didn't change Her? I doubt anyone, including the Queen Moon, could walk into that Darkness and strip Herself of every vestige of identity and not be changed.

As I move forward into the New Year ~ through this first Full Moon ~ I recognize and acknowledge my own fears when I face Darkness in any of its myriad forms. I may be unscathed. Outwardly the same. Inwardly, I find a new and more complete strength, born from facing the fear and the darkness. Resurrecting into the Light of the new Full Moon. Rebirthing into the Light of the Sun.

What Darkness have you faced, or descended into? What change has it brought into your life? How do you embrace the change? Which Light will you emerge into? What will carry you forward?

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