Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Do You Think?

I've understood the power of positive thinking for years now. Recently, I've begun practicing a new step in the positive thinking routine ~~ Reaching for the higher thought. What we think, the way our minds allow for positively or negatively charged words, creates what comes to us. It's simple and not so simple all at the same time.

Positive attracts positive. When I allow my thoughts to be bright and positive, I attract more of the same.

Negative attracts negative. When I grump and grumble and roll around in the metaphorical mud, things continue down that same road.

As I said, simple. The not so simple part is doing it continually. I practice often. I take deep breaths every time some dull thoughts rumble through, put the brakes on them and grab for a higher, brighter thought.

It goes something like this:
"This is taking too long! What's that lady doing? Why isn't the line moving? I only have two items; why isn't there an open faster lane?"
"I'm glad I'm in this lane and not a longer one. I'm glad I only have two items so when I get to check out, I'll be done quickly. Look at how beautiful the sky looks! I have a good view through the window from here."
By the time I get through the check out, I'm more relaxed and smiling. The entire day looks better and all I did was refocus with intention on something positive.

What do you do to bring more positive thinking into your life? How do you change your thinking when it's heading down the negative track? How do you feel when you're positive? How do you feel when you're negative?

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