Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still Small Voice

 There's also that Voice inside me. You know the one because you have it too. The Voice that urges me forward, onward in certain, steady directions. The Voice that says, "Turn this way." When I do, I face an incredible sunset. Or It says, "Leave. Now." I do and later discover that an accident occurred shortly after I left, blocking the route home. Or It says, "Not this one." I turn away, only to discover later that the person in question was not worthy of my trust.

The list could go on and on. You know that Voice. You've heard it. Sometimes in your ear. Sometimes in your heart. Sometimes in your dreams. My Voice sounds different from yours ~ which makes sense. We do not want to be confused by any overlapping messages.

We can name the Voice God or Goddess or Angel or Soul Companion or any of a thousand other names. That is of little import. How you or I choose to respond to that Voice is of the most significance. Do you listen? Do I respond? Do the voices around us drown out the Voice Within?

There is a story in the Bible of Elijah. He was distressed and fearful. God had sent him to Jezebel to give her an ultimatum. She was Queen ~ and had her minions scouring the Judean countryside for the prophet. He had good reason to be afraid. He wanted a sign from God ~ to hear God's Voice ~ reassurance that Elijah remained in good stead with the God of Israel. God sent a strong wind that tore up the land around Elijah, but God was not IN the wind. Then came an earthquake shaking the ground around Elijah, but God was not IN the earthquake. Then a ravaging fire, but God was not IN the fire. Then came a Still Small Voice. Elijah knew God was IN that Voice.

Sometimes, even when much is happening around us, listening for that Still Small Voice can keep us on track. I often have to cock my head to one side and listen. Or recognize It in the voice of another. Or be patient enough to wait.... to know It will speak sooner or later.

What has your Inner Voice spoken to you lately? Do you listen? Do you recognize when you haven't listened? What is it telling you today?

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