Saturday, January 3, 2015

Strength for the Day

My focus when drawing this card was strength... uncovering a particular attribute. Balance fits impressively well... I am grateful it showed up.

Message: Things are happening so suddenly and quickly that we must stay on guard and grounded at all times in order to handle the coming changes. If we do not remain as such, then all chaos will break loose within ourselves which will then manifest to the physical surrounding us. Be calm, stay balanced, remain grounded.

My plan: begin the year with strength ~ with love, grace and joy too. For Balance to arise as the focus this early gives me hope and makes me grin. Remain grounded. Yes. What a powerful New Year message.

What attribute do you seek as 2015 begins? How do you stay grounded? Is that important to you? Which of your values point you to that focus attribute?

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