Friday, January 23, 2015

Beautiful Dreams

Sacred Rebels by Alana Fairchild
Do you know how sometimes you do something that later you can't explain why you did it? Or you can't fathom how or why it held the effect and power it did?

Less than a week ago, a package arrived. I didn't recall ordering anything so when I opened it, what was inside was a surprise. I enjoy ~ and collect ~ a variety of decks of divination cards. There was one inside that was totally new to me; one I don't recall having seen: Sacred Rebels by Alana Fairchild.

When I opened the deck, I focused on the question: What Rebel do I need to guide me today? I drew the card: Dream a Beautiful Dream.

From the Guidebook:
You are meant to dream of beauty and to create beauty, in its far more holistic and creative definition. ... [Healing] happens when we accept the existence of inner harmony in all of creation, even if it cannot be consciously observed. By expecting there to be beauty within a situation, even if it is hidden, you will be more open to seeing the healing potential, even in your challenges.

I'm in the midst of facing a challenge, however personally large or small it may be. I often think I am on my own in facing it. Then I drew this card and read this information: Seeing the hidden beauty in the situation will carry healing. My own creative expression and vision will heal the disruption of the challenge, if only I look beyond my fear, upset, pain, distress or whatever other emotion arises from the challenge.

How do these things happen? How does a deck that I didn't recall ordering arrive at the precise moment I need it? How do my hands shuffle and draw the exact card carrying the message to soothe my heart?

Do these type of events happen to you? If not a deck, perhaps a person showing up with a message or advice when you need it? To what ~ or whom ~ do you attribute this occurrence? Is it something you attract or draw to you?

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