Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools

Looking for the origins of April Fools Day, I found several pages with 20 to 22 quotes for the day. One of them surprised me with its obvious humorous intent and by Edgar Allan Poe:  "I have great faith in fools -- self-confidence, my friends call it."

Someone known for his intense, often horrific, prose and poetry seems an odd character to write something with such obvious wry humor. It's difficult to imagine Edgar Allan Poe as a poster child for April Fools Day or humor. The myth of him carries such darkness and dreariness with it. Yet the myth is not the man. He was loved. [His wife died of tuberculosis after 9 or 10 years of marriage; when he died, he was engaged to a widow who had previously been his first fiancee but married someone else while he was away.] So this master of the macabre was also a real person. Could have fooled me!

Are there famous people who fool you with their human qualities? Or someone you may know who shows a side of him/herself that fools or surprises you? What quality do you have that would fool others because it is not one they regularly see?

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