Thursday, April 24, 2014

Grand Cardinal Cross

Between yesterday and today, a Grand Cardinal Cross has formed in the heavens. From all that I've read, it's a doozy. I guess that's in the nature of a Grand Cardinal Cross.

If you know the symbols in the picture, you know that Pluto is in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer AND Uranus is in Aries opposing Mars retrograde in Libra. Those four signs are the Cardinal Directions and the planets currently in them are highly influential. The nature of the Cardinal Cross is one of movement, the kind of getting up and doing something or going somewhere movement. This one has change coming through in spades ~ which will make it difficult to avoid. Our test? How we handle all the energy. Because Mars is in retrograde, it might be advantageous to simply go with the flow for the time being rather than begin anything too quickly. The cardinal nature of the cross will move things forward anyway. After Mars slows and begins direct movement (May 21st), then take the plunge to move on!

I am not an astrologer. From my perspective, an event in the sky as large as the Grand Cardinal Cross is decidedly worth noting... and worth taking into account as I move forward with plans and changes of my own. I have never been of the belief that whatever is seen in the stars is inevitable. My belief is that I can use the information to better understand what is happening or to be aware of and awake to the energies of influence. It's about the power of knowledge and of choice.

What do you believe about astrology? How do you use information like this? Do you want to know what's going on in the heavens?

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