Monday, April 28, 2014

Drawing The Devil

The Dragon Tarot by Nigel Suckling
This morning, I decided to draw a card from The Dragon Tarot deck. My query was "a strength for the coming week." Every now and again as I was shuffling the deck, I found myself asking for a "theme" for the week. I redirected my mind back to the "strength." I wound up with two cards..... for my split questioning? or because the cards themselves stuck together as I drew them? Does the reason matter? Not to me. I figure if two cards arrived, there was a reason.

The Devil was card #1 ~ the "strength for the coming week." What a card to draw! In the guide book for the deck it reads:
Whether or not you are fully conscious of it, your or someone in close proximity are already bound to some self-destructive attachment that can only end in tears. It is time to listen to your own inner voice of wisdom and a way out will soon become clear. The misfortune threatened by this card is not a force of nature, but a consequence of choice.
When I began reading the entry, I was thinking: Didn't I do this last week? I thought I was past this. Please don't keep it happening.

Then I read the last two lines and a new realization dawned. This card is a strength if I let it be that. If I listen to my own intuition and not second guess it or follow a course of action because I'm worked up about something. The results this weed are "not a force of nature" but open to be different according to what I choose to do. The 'strength' is awareness; an opportunity to stay awake to self-destructive attachments. I can choose how things will turn out.

Have you drawn a card randomly from a Tarot deck? What did you draw? What did it mean? Did it help you move forward? or make you freeze in your tracks? What other form of divination do you use or have you used?

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