Friday, April 11, 2014

Love and Fear

Recently, a friend asked: "Do you think fear is the heart of love?" My immediate response was simply: "No. Fear and love are opposites." My friend then affirmed the belief that fear indeed was the heart of love. According to my friend's belief, fear of being alone drives one to seek the company of another and of falling in love.

After those comments, another person entered the conversation and began asking questions. My friend turned away and I couldn't hear the comments, responses and the continuation of the conversation.

I continue to ponder that question. My current response would be:
Love is about serving and honoring the Other. Fear is about getting something for Me.
Love isn't blind ~ it sees everything, and chooses to love anyway.
Love is a coal I use to warm my life. Sometimes it burns brightly. Sometimes it flares into bright flames. Sometimes I have to feed it more fuel and fan it to keep it burning.

What do you think is the relationship between love and fear? What motivates you to love another person? What do you value most in your loving relationships?

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