Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trust and Move

After reflecting on living a solitary life, on being alone, this quote popped into my world. That exceptional phrase: "We are not alone in the dark...."

One of the very first things we learn upon leaving the womb ~ and possibly even within it ~ is to trust and move. We must move in order to exit the womb ~ and we must trust that there is someone who will catch us when we leave and who will be with us once we are outside. It's an unconscious movement forward in life, on to the next phase of who and what and where we are.

Then we're here. in the air and with all this space around us, and we begin to learn or believe that we are unsafe ~ we begin to lose that innocent trust we once had. It takes awhile. We eventually slow down so the world can catch up with us.

I love this statement, though. It reminds me of times I used to walk down the streets of Chicago with my eyes closed ~ just for the space of a dozen steps or so ~ to see where I would wind up, which way I would be headed, if i could stay on a straight path, and how long I would trust that I was going in the right direction. I think it's time to play like that again.

How do you feel about the dark? How do you feel in the dark? How much do you trust the unfolding of your path? If you're not alone, who is with you?

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