Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let Loneliness Season You

Don't surrender your loneliness so quickly.
Let it cut more deep.
Let it ferment and season you as few human
Or even divine ingredients can.
Something missing in my heart tonight
Has made my eyes so soft,
My voice so tender,
My need of God
Absolutely clear.
~  Hafiz

More on the theme of loneliness. A different perspective. Embrace loneliness to let it season you.... to soften and change your nature ever so slightly. 

When cooking, the seasoning is the ingredient that changes and enhances the flavor of the meal. If something ferments, that too will change the taste. These processes take time. The change is gradual, not immediate. The longer the wait time, the richer and fuller the flavor.

That's true with loneliness as well. Don't surrender your loneliness so quickly... Most of the time, I'm anxious to get past the feeling of loneliness ~ that hollow place within me that echoes each breath I breathe. I want to fill that void with light and sound and say that I don't feel lonely. But the truth is that I can fill the space with noise and light all I want, the loneliness still exists, still rests like a well of unfilled promise in the pit of my stomach.

If I embrace it, I allow that divine ingredient entry into my soul. Although I can't say for certain what will come of that, I know I will be richer for having opened the door to let it in. Its entry reminds me of my need of the Divine ~ of the Ineffable One ~ in my life. One on whom I can depend ~ and from whom I can draw strength. One of the most important reminders in my life.

How do you feel about loneliness? Do you admit feeling it? Are you afraid of it? How can you embrace it ~ even for a moment ~ in your life?

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