Friday, April 18, 2014

Coyote's Message
Late last night, I decided to drive the 'back road' to get home. I turned the corner onto a street I've taken many times at that same time of night. This time, I saw a figure in the road ~ a coyote. It stood in the middle of the road for the space of a heartbeat as my headlights neared it. Then it turned tail and ran back into the field out of which it had come. My personal belief is that animals appear in our lives like that ~ cross our paths, show themselves to us ~ for a reason. As a result, when I arrived at home, I looked up information on Coyote. I knew that in some Native American traditions, Coyote is the Trickster.

In the Animal Wisdom Tarot deck booklet it says: "Divine fool and free-spirited trickster, Coyote reminds us that life is a grand adventure." The advice is to trust oneself ~ to not take life so seriously.

Me? Take life seriously? Ha! Lighten up, trust and be open to change repeatedly appear as themes at this time. Yes, I often take like and myself waaaay too seriously. When I let go of that seriousness, the release allows for laughter, true delight, and a freedom deep within my soul.

Since I'd been out dancing and laughing, I thought I'd done my work around that release. Seeing Coyote reminds me to go deeper into the adventure, to dive into the trust of the process no matter how much resistance my mind presents.

What stops you from adventure? How seriously do you take yourself? What makes you laugh?

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