Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse ~ April 2014

©2014 Mary-Lynne Monroe
Last night over most of North and Central America, there shone an incredible Lunar Eclipse. I stayed up late to take some pictures ~ this is one of my favorites. I watched enraptured as the shadow crept across the face of the explosively bright full moon. 

Why stay up until past midnight, on a work night, to take pictures of this? I mean, it happens, right? There will be pictures on the internet, right? NASA and several observatories certainly posted some... NASA, in conjunction with the Marshall Space Flight Center, posted a live Ustream feed ~ in real time and the comfort of home. Remarkable to see!

Yet.... yet.... What I wanted, what called to me, what left me awestruck, was looking at the event itself in the night sky. I was the only one on my street for most of the time. As the full shadow slipped into place revealing the red glow Blood Moon, I heard doors creak open and saw a couple across the street come out of their house to look at the sky, then turn around and return indoors. The creaks of other doors happened again. I assume the neighbors who had come outside were all heading back in and into the comfort of their living rooms and beds. I was left alone again, with my camera, standing on my front porch, mouth agape in wonder.

As I write this I wonder who is the real lunatic? Me, the moon worshipper? or those who do not grasp the magnificence and wonder of our universe.

Where were you during the eclipse? What in our world, life or universe awes you the most?

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