Sunday, June 15, 2014

Focus on Intuition

I was looking through my books and spotted the Animal Wisdom Tarot deck so I decided to shuffle it and draw a card. As I was gathering the cards, Ibis fell out and onto my lap. Chuckling, I thought, "Here's the surprise gift for me." I set it aside and kept shuffling, focusing on the question: "What strength do I need for tomorrow?" I drew the Sea Turtle.

Ibis, my surprise gift, brings the message: Trust intuition, speak the truth. How fitting! I could not have chosen better. It brings the qualities of being Astute, Honest, Stately and Forthright. I'm heading into several meetings tomorrow and these qualities will certainly come in handy. I plan to keep them in mind where they can serve me well.

I thoroughly enjoy the synchronicity of cards falling into my lap. Sometimes the surprises outshine the focused draw card. That's not true this time. Sea Turtle complements Ibis entirely. Its message: Feel deep, love true. Those two were meant to be together for me tomorrow. It will help if I not only use my intuition, but also feel deeply connected to those who will be with me in the meetings. And the qualities Sea Turtle brings are being Intuitive, Aesthetic, Loving and Deep. A double whammy of intuition/intuitiveness. I will need to stay deeply connected and grounded. Great reminders that no matter what I have in my schedule, focusing on that connection to God/dess, Spirit, Universe, the Ineffable One ~ no matter what the name ~ will keep me approaching everything going on with an open, loving heart.

What do you do when you have a big day ahead of you? How do you prepare? What rituals do you perform to keep you focused?                                                                                        

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