Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Silencing the Voice of Not

There always seems to be a voice in my hear that says I cannot do...something. Generally, the voice chatters about whatever it is I'm attempting to learn or to improve or to add into my life. Of course, the voice knows my vulnerable spots ~ the tender places where I am less settled and more restless already. The places where my vulnerability leaks out around the edges of whatever new or tender spot near which I rest.

What I choose to do in those moments when that voice whispers, cajoles, hounds or hollers determines how much say that voice has in my life, how much power it gets from me. I have the choice to listen or to say, "I'm done with you; I know better; I am better than that." Those words are tough. Tough for me to say. Tough on me. Tough on the voice.

There are times when I believe the voice is powerful. Times when I believe what the voice has to say because it sounds reasonable or logical. But all the voice wants is for me to be safe. Which, to the voice, means to stay risk free, not to draw attention to myself or the possible things I may do with less finesse than I would want. But for me, living risk free is not living at all. It's existing. It's breathing in and out, but little else. I have to keep doing new things, keep stretching my skills, keep finding new learning and growing adventures. That keeps the voice quiet, or at least quieter. And most of the time, that's enough.

What challenges you? What does your voice say? How does your voice in your head try to protect you?

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