Thursday, June 12, 2014

Industrious Sweetness

Wisdom of Avalon ~ Colette Baron Reid
I love bees. Over the years, I've learned much from observing them. Some societies, ancient as well as current, revere them.

From the Wisdom of Avalon guide:
"When the Bee buzzes onto your path, it's a reminder that hard work and a firm commitment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured. ... effort is essential as you progress along your path in order to make your dreams a reality. The Bee is an industrious, busy creature that's always making honey. The Bee 'gets busy,' and that honey will soon be yours. The Bee is always a fortunate omen."

Sometimes I act as though things will happen even if I don't do anything. Like expecting dinner to prepare itself. Like wondering why I'm out of socks when I haven't done the laundry for weeks. Like wanting to take an inexpensive trip without actually checking for cost and availability of flights.

Sometimes things do fall into place without my doing much. A friend invites me to dinner. A last minute space opens up in a workshop I want to attend. A co-worker mentions having an extra ticket to a play I wanted to see. These are all strokes of luck ~ luck is also a gift from the Bee.

I've noticed as I continue to do these blogs daily ~ it's been more than 3 months now ~ a sweet, soft feeling comes over me when I sit down at the computer to compose them. I've begun to reveal more of myself ~ discovering more of my personal sharing and writing style as well as my creativity. Being industrious, setting myself a daily writing goal and accomplishing it, brings its own sweetness.

What do you find joy in doing? What do you resist? What brings sweetness to you when its accomplished even though you first resisted? What does Bee bring to you?

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