Friday, June 6, 2014

Stand Your Ground

I love how perfectly answers arrive when I ask, What do I need for today?

I randomly opened Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals to Skunk. My first reaction was laughte. Spirit was toying with me! Then I read the entry:
"Be assertive and stand your ground..... Make your self-respect and dignity a top priority, offering the same respect to others.
You're taking yourself far too seriously and need to relax, play, and trust that everything else is all right.
It's a good time to deal directly and honestly with that person in your life you find so irritating and overbearing."

After reading that, my immediate response was to laugh out loud with a "what the hell?" attitude. It fits entirely with my current situation. In general, I have no difficulty standing my ground. Like the skunk, I am the ultimate peacemaker ~ sometimes allowing others to run over me in order to keep the peace. What I need in my life right now is the discernment of whether peacemaking is the right option or respectfully and firmly standing my ground. I don't need to scream or demand when I do that ~ or get whiny or bitchy. I can be self-confident and self-assured, showing respect to all (myself included). I don't need to "put on airs" either. Standing my ground, if it's fair and reasonable, is enough.

What do you do to stand your ground? In what area or areas of your life might that be an important rule? What can you learn from Skunk?

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