Monday, June 23, 2014

Wolf Medicine

When looking for an energetic focus for the beginning of a new week, I pulled a card from Stone People Medicine. Wolf showed up.

From the book by Manny Twofeathers:
What you can expect from Wolf medicine:

  • A dynamic and outgoing personality
  • Ability to learn and teach easily
  • Good communication
  • Strong determination
  • Alertness, good sense
  • Thoughtfulness toward others
In the Celtic tradition, the Wolf is a source of lunar power. Celtic myths say Wolf would hunt down the sun and devour it at dusk each day so the power of the moon would come forth.

Both of these make sense to me for different reasons. Though in general, I am more at home in solitude, when the teacher/learner side of me surfaces, I can be very dynamic. I wonder what I am setting forth to learn as this week begins. When will it then be incorporated into what I 'teach' or share with others? Hmmm. My curiosity is piqued!

The Celtic Wolf tradition brought a grin to my face ~ perhaps a wolfish grin? ~ because I am, and always have been, enamored of the moon. Drawing Wolf medicine makes so much sense for me. I draw much power, learning and strength from the moon. It has taught me much about the cyclical nature of life ~ fullness through dark night and back again to fullness. The greatest gift has been the realization that each day will be different and fullness will always return. Always.

What does Wolf medicine mean to and for you? What tradition fits your way of being in the world? Is there another animal that attracts you? What is it? Why does it attract you?

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