Saturday, June 14, 2014

Life Awaits

Speaking with a friend recently, I referenced Joseph Campbell and the many ideas I learned reading and listening to him. This quote came to mind since it fits the current theme of my life.

I planned different tracks for my life over the years: where I would live, where I would teach, what and who I would teach, where I would travel, who I would be with (in every different sense of that phrase), how long I would be somewhere, how long I would do something.... I could go on and on.

Yet each time something new showed up and I shifted from my plan to what was waiting for me, I discovered a renewal that left me nothing but grateful. Maybe not at first, but when I stepped out of the way, breathed into the change and relaxed, it was beautiful.

It's the last line of this quote that brings out my grin. I don't know that I looked at the changes as shedding skin, but that certainly fits. My thoughts went more to the adage about the seed needing to die in the earth in order for the plant to grow. Both metaphors work. Beauty and renewal arrive when I let go of what no longer serves or suits me.

What skins have you shed? As the seasons change, what needs to change within you? How do you open yourself to the process of letting go?

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