Sunday, June 1, 2014

Resistance to Fear

Sometimes it takes more than an alarm to get me moving in the morning. Sometimes I'm afraid of what I might find confronting me in my world. Monsters and spiders are not the only things that create fear.

In the past several months, I've discovered there are some subtle energetics that cause me to step into my personal fear space. They aren't specific or overt like a bully waiting for me at the door or a raging hailstorm. What comprises these fears is difficult to comprehend, and even more difficult to explain. It's something like a hiccup in my own sense of well-being, a slight slip in my sense of myself. It's amazing how small a shift can impact my level of fear.

I love Mark Twain's description of Courage ~ because I have become more aware of the subtleties of fear and its expression in my life. When I resist fear ~ fear of being alone, fear of being wrong, fear of being out of control, fear of.... well, whatever might show up or not show up in my day ~ that's when I am most courageous. Fear wants to freeze me in place, like a children's game whose rules are that you can move only when the person who is "It" isn't looking. The point is not that you don't want to move toward "Home," but that you don't want to be seen actually moving. Fear does that to us, to me. It wants me to stop moving forward, to freeze in its view. Every step I take toward basking in the light of the sun and the beauty of the day instead of freezing in fear brings me closer to mastery of that bugaboo. It is my courage that moves me forward, and for that, I am grateful.

How do you choose to move forward? How do you master fear? What do you feel when you move in spite of what fear tells you?

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