Thursday, May 29, 2014

Untold Stories

Today the nation mourns the loss of an American giant: Maya Angelou. Her story carried us into the past and from there rebounded us into the future. As a nation, we were buoyed by her words, touched in the deepest parts of our beings, exposed to our laughter and our tears. She showed us how to exult in our everyday lives. We are grateful for her guidance and will miss her joy-filled face and incredible voice.

I love so many of the words Maya Angelou pieced together into the phrases and stories she shared with the world. This quote especially touches me. It inspires me to continue to write. When my story goes untold, I feel the angst and grief of leaving it buried in my heart.

Sometimes it's not easy to encourage or release my own creativity. Sometimes I struggle with getting the words out, with taking the time to feel them, to get them down on paper or in my blog. What does my story consist of? Who does it include? Is it okay if every once in awhile I focus on a story that is not mine, on words that inspire me, on showing up as much as writing? I often feel as though the exercise of regularly 'showing up' to write is as vital, if not more so, as the actual writing.

In honor of the wonderful poet laureate, I will continue to 'show up' and write. I will make sure my stories are told. I will learn from her creative spirit by keeping mine free.

How do you 'show up'? What do you do to encourage your own creativity? What are the stories you are here to tell?

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