Monday, May 5, 2014


Much of my life is dedicated to doing, to producing some sort of product for or response in my students. I forget about the essence of dreaming.

There is a quality to being able to dream that enhances everything else that I do. Taking the time to encourage that voice inside of me that gives me counsel is one of the healthiest things I do. It's easy to cut it off and say, "Forget it! You take too much time, too much quiet, too much space!"

Looking at the picture, I flow into that elusive dream state. There's a fairy ... and if you look closely at her hand, she's consoling a dragon. What an incredible beginning to a storyline ~ to a dreamscape!  Dreaming nurtures my creativity. It moves me from today into tomorrow. I brings yesterday into focus. It's the place and the space where I can get closer to the heart of who I am ~ and let her shine!

What do you do with dreams? How does dreaming affect your life? How do you define a dream?

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