Sunday, May 11, 2014

Do It Now

Nike has a motto: Just Do It. My objection to that motto is that it sounds not only trite, but also marginally demeaning. How one hears the statement depends on the tone used when another person actually says it.

So different from that is this quote. It has a lead in statement: Time is moving along; "someday" or "one day" is a future time that may never arrive. Do the things you want to do now. Stop putting them off for that chimerical "one day" and do them in the present time, the time you know you have.

I'm good ~~ well, mostly good ~~ at planning for tomorrow, for that future time. I want things to happen at a pace that I can tolerate, that won't throw me into that scary space of the unknown. Sometimes that can be good. Being a mom means doing the best I can to provide consistency for my daughter. Now that she's in college, that responsibility falls more and more to her. My responsibility is to step fully into the next phase of my life... whatever that may be!

What do you want to do? Are you doing it consistently in your life? Does fear get in your way? How do you deal with that fear?

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