Saturday, May 24, 2014

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart.
Sit in stillness.
Seek answers to your questions.
Listen quietly.
Feel the answer.
Trust your heart.

So often lately, my heart seems to be in the midst of darkness, like a warm glowing ember in a tenebrous empty room. I strain toward the light, toward clarity and understanding, yet my pulsing heart remains hidden. Much of what I crave lingers just beyond my grasp.

Even so. The glow from my heart light steers me in the right direction. I begin again to trust my intuition. The unnamed region where I find myself slowly takes on form. Much fear and anxiety live within the confines of that dark space. My heart pulls me forward toward the answer to my yet unspoken question. I know it's the right path.

Where does your heart lead you? How do you decide when to trust in the dark? What do you trust?

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