Friday, May 23, 2014


Freshness of dew drops in morning air,
wisps of earth fragrance dancing on my tongue.
Like peoples of ancient times,
I honor the glowing orb renewing my world.

Every morning feels new. Light filters stealthily through my open window. My eyes gently blink open to a room awash in the dawn. How I long to never take this moment for granted.

Morning light creates a new palette of color each day. Barely visible steel-blues on rainy mornings. Radiant white slashes across the wall on cloudless mornings. Warm yolk-yellows and pale oranges on early waking morns. Each new day begins with color.

I walk outside on these mornings, viewing the renewal of the earth in the sweep of light awake and aware of the beauty infused in the day. Dawn is one of my favorite times of day!

How do you greet the new day? What time of day is your favorite? What do you notice around at that time of day? Why is it your favorite?

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