Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Different as Drops of Rain

They say that every snowflake is different ~ a slightly different configuration of frozen water. Looking at this leaf, I see that every drop of rain is different as well. Every rain-drenched spot on the leaf bears a slightly different shape. And every one reflects the beauty of those differences.

On my four-hour drive home from a trip this weekend, I had plenty of time to ponder how those differences I see around me affect me.

I called a friend I hadn't seen in a few months. Over the 30 years of our friendship, we have traveled together several times. She used her wheelchair and/or her walker, depending which provided the most accessibility for her. On one trip, we stopped at the 'accessible' Devil's Tower National Park... which turned out to be a wild variety of accessible. The ramp leading to the trail around the tower may be at the ADA-approved angle, but it is a long gravel path that seems to go on forever. Two gentlemen assisted us from the half-way point heading up, around the Tower, and down again. I was incredibly grateful. The 'difference' with these two gentlemen was that they were obviously partners.

That's one incident with one person. I have been blessed with so very, very many more. Some people talk about the importance of treating everyone the same. I cannot always do that. Everyone isn't the same. Some people are kind, others need kindness extended to them. Some people are loud, others speak rarely. Some people need glasses, others need wheelchairs. Some people worship in a temple, others in a forest. My heart longs to meet people where they are. When I do, their differences, whether openly acknowledged or not, touches me and changes me. I hope and pray that continues.

How do differences affect you? What do you see? What's important for you? How do you treat people you meet? people you know?

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