Sunday, May 18, 2014

Investigating Adventure

Over the past several nights, I've awakened from the same dream scenario:
I'm at the edge of a wood looking down a sand dune onto a beach. On the beach is a white horse, obviously waiting for me. I walk/slide down the sand dune and get on the bare back of the horse.

There have been slight variations to this beginning. In one, there are a number of people emerging from the wood with and/or behind me. There is a sense of camaraderie and cooperation as we move forward onto the beach. I have the strong sense I'm leading the people somewhere safe and important.

In another, there are people waiting for me ~ or for someone to mount the horse and ride. The feeling senses are similar: camaraderie and leadership and safety.

Whether alone or with others ~ who often wind up on their own horses' backs ~ the strongest feeling is freedom.

In Dr. Steven Farmer's Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals, the horse is about an unexpected adventure ~ and quick movement into that adventure once it begins. It's also about freeing myself from any constricting aspects of my life, having stamina, strength and power, and carrying a strong and balanced warrior spirit.

He also has a particular section on the White Horse:
"You're very well protected from any negative or harsh psychic attack.
You're being called to investigate other spiritual realms and dimensions through meditation, a vision quest, or shamanic journeying.
Let go of any shame or guilt that is the result of childhood conditioning."

As I read this, I felt awash with peace and knew that my current choices and journey are the right ones for me. I felt protected ~ if and as I let myself move into those other realms and call on that protection, the spirit of the White Horse, to carry me forward.

There are some changes on the move in my life currently. Although I've been open to them, I've also been avoiding them ~ aware that they are leading me into unknown territory. Since the dream continues to recur and to bring the White Horse to lead and serve me, I am committing to investigating the adventure of change.

Are there changes happening in your life? Are there changes on the horizon for you? What adventure would the White Horse bring you? How would you feel about it?

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