Thursday, September 4, 2014

Be Curious

This morning's tea bag came with advice: be curious. What a great focus for the day! I began with noticing the way the light played on the grass; the shimmer of bright reflected on the car; the rosy tint surrounding the clouds as the sun rose. My beginnings were about observation. What was different about today? The light? The sound? My focus?

At work I allowed the flow of the day to run its course. We had a meeting and I focused on being present ~ I know that's not the same as being curious, but it led to curious questions along with the discovery that answers were not necessary. Answers were not about curiosity, questions were.
  • How is being present different from sitting there daydreaming?
  • Why would I want to be present?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • What can I do differently each day?
  • Can I be present every moment?
  • How can one NOT be present in one's life?

That teeny tag attached to my tea bag brought moments of diversion, joy and curiosity to my world today. I wonder what tomorrow's teabag will say....

Do any of your teabags carry message tags? If so, what does your message mean for you? Do you take teabag tag messages as omens? What other signs and wonders are in your life today?

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