Friday, September 5, 2014


Who wants to find Struggle as a central card in a Tarot reading? I certainly prefer not. When I researched possible meanings, this is what I found:
You may be working through personal issues .... At the same time, you have others around you who have strong views about what you should do .... Just when you think you have a clear point of view, you are challenged on that view or you discover new information, and you change your standpoint again. This process is actually highly beneficial and will help you to come to a well-researched and well-thought out perspective. Know, too, that there is no ‘right’ answer, and whichever path you do choose, someone is not going to agree with it. So, you have to find the most comfortable option possible that sits best with you. It may not be 100% right for you but you need to choose whatever is closest.
I am finding this to be so very, very true. I waffle and waver back and forth, attempting to determine what is the best path, how do I best accomplish it, when do I move forward and in what manner. Each of these could take months to determine. Together, it could be years. Yet a decision needs to be made soon.

Even though I am the final decision-maker, I find myself asking others for advice, direction, resources and help. I want all the necessary data to make a fully informed decision. Sometimes that means I am overflowing with knowledge, yet slow with choice.

Reluctantly, I must admit, this is precisely where I stand. I have some major deciding to accomplish and often feel frozen in indecision. I am hopeful with the ending of the explanation of the card: "It may not be 100% right for you but you need to choose whatever is closest." The time is coming.

How do you handle struggle? What would you want to say to Struggle in your life? How would make your choice?

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