Sunday, September 21, 2014

Venus Chasing Luna, part 2

There is much of the Goddess of Love in this time of year as we enter Sol in Libra. Venus rules Libra. She is all about relationships and balance.

As I watched Her continuing to watch and chase Luna another day or two, I knew She understood the challenge faced. I pondered what Venus could or would do.

Venus Chasing Luna

Venus returns to the Court of the Divine. She is distracted by what She has seen ~~ and by Her unspoken promise to help. She struggles with deciding what to do.
On the one hand, She is the Goddess of Love. As such, She is often called upon to help lovers. The supplications are generally from one of the lovers and not the other. She rarely intercedes. It is Her policy to only affect a relationship where both lovers approach Her with the same request. In this case, neither lover requested Her assistance.
On the other hand, She is aware that Jupiter has chosen to keep the two lovers apart. He wanted Luna for Himself ~ as He does with many beautiful women and goddesses. Luna was not interested in Him. When He pursued Her, He discovered She was seeing ~ and in love with ~ Sol. Her unavailability only made Her more desirable to Him. Luna continued to shun Him. In anger, Jupiter devised a way to separate the two lovers. Since He ruled the skies, He put Sol in charge of lighting the day and Luna lighting the night. When one was fully in the sky, the other could not be. From what She saw, that did not keep the lovers from loving each other, only from being together.
Venus smiled at Aurora as She approached. A plan was beginning to form.... maybe there was a way.....

Have you ever offered help to someone without being asked? Why did you do it? What was the result? How did you feel about making the offer?

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