Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon that's so clearly and recently arrived barely rests in Libra and is conjunct the asteroid Lilith. Much of the power flowing through it carries the rebellious feminist energy of the Dark Goddess Lilith accompanied by the Divine Feminine energy of Athena. With both of these Goddesses active, the clearest theme is your relationship with yourself. Be comfortable with yourself. Allow every aspect of your inner goddess to shine forth.

Be ready to start something new, something that calls to your deep inner desire and brings you into a healthier relationship with yourself. That may be walking, dancing, eating healthy....anything along the usual path of 'healthy.' Or it may be reading a book, going for a massage, or taking a class. Whatever brings you peace and a stronger sense of well-being. Move forward from this New Moon with confidence, grace and ease. Feel the subtle strength of the Goddess empower you. See yourself as a Conqueror!

What does the title Conqueror conjure in your mind? What do you do to mark the passage of the moons? Which goddess speaks most clearly to you? Why and How?

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