Friday, September 19, 2014

Dreaming Goddess

The Dreaming Goddess or the Sleeping Goddess of Malta. She was found in an incredible structure called the Hypogeum. The figurine is small, but the rounded body of the Goddess is clearly in a position of rest.

This image of the Goddess touches me in ways other images do not. It provides an example of what appears to be a very human side of the Divine. One that clearly shows rest, sleeping, dreaming as aspects of the Divine and activities ~ or non-activities ~ not only approved, but also participated in by the Goddess.

Reclining, resting are shown as valuable undertakings ~ or the Goddess would not be doing them. Dreaming, allowing for that heartbeat of rest where you open to the thoughts of the Divine flowing through you. I am thrilled that this is so clearly something acknowledged by the Divine.

What are your first impressions of the reclining Goddess? How do you participate in the rest and dreaming suggested by this Goddess? What does She call forth from you?

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