Sunday, September 14, 2014

Llama Stability

Animal Wisdom Tarot

Elements: Air and Earth
Qualities: Steady, Patient, Practical, Receptive, Balanced

Llama's messages:
Center your body, free your mind. Stand firmly and securely on Mother Earth. Climb slowly and carefully. Do not rush. Persevere when the going is difficult. Accomplishing dreams takes effort and hard work. Be aware of subtle changes in the atmosphere. You can adapt to any situation and manage any loads you are carrying. Focus on yourself. Priortize your personal growth and connection to spirit. Follow your heart rather than your ego.

As I shuffled and drew the card, my question was: What quality or qualities will I need in the coming week or two? I wanted to know what would serve me best and what I could count on to strengthen how I walked in the world.

For me, Fall is a time of new beginnings and renewed energies. The playful warmth of Summer draws to a close and the preparation for Winter propels a new kind of movement. In this busy environment, it's good to be reminded to slow down and focus on what's truly important, on what arises from my heart. Even though I have lived with the reality of my ability to adapt and to persevere, I often forget in the midst of activity.

I appreciate the stability of Llama showing up in my life. That no matter the rocky slope or the thin atmosphere, she is steady and sure-footed. She brings me back to the remembrance that at the core of my own stable being is the Divine undergirding my world, catching me as I slip and slide in my spiritual practice. I am grateful for the reminders.

How do you approach Fall? What is your sense of the season? How do you deal with the rocky slopes of life? What undergirds your sense of stability?

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