Friday, September 12, 2014

Spider Teaching

After shopping, I returned home to find that a spider had made a web across my front door. I wouldn't have noticed it but for the movement of the spider itself in the center of the web. Wow! It was preparing for a big catch!

It's funny when Spider shows up in my life. I'm usually alone and often feeling stretched or stressed. It's as though Spider comes to tell me that I'm stronger than I think, that I'm creative and, strangely, that I am enough to take on anything!

Spider speaks to me clearly about creativity ~ in a way different from any other. My creativity comes from deep within me. It flows out of me when I need it. Sometimes it seems invisible to others. Sometimes I want it that way.

Spider speaks to me about fears. I have had a changeable fear of spiders. Sometimes I really want them somewhere other than around me; sometimes I give Spider a wide berth; sometimes I draw close enough to watch the web-builder at work. Even when my fear isn't at its strongest, it still exists as an apprehension, an avoidance. Spider provides the opportunity for me to face my fear, to re-evaluate its necessity or reasonableness. And from there, the chance to face other fears as well.

Every time I come face-to-face with Spider, I ask what Spider means to me now? Is it different in this moment? What do I need to know/learn? Why has Spider arrived now?

What enters your life repeatedly with a message? Is the message the same each time? or is it different? How do you feel about Spider? What message does Spider have for you?

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