Saturday, September 20, 2014

Venus Chasing Luna, part 1

As I left for work one morning earlier this week, I looked into the brightening sky and saw the image of a bright speck following on the heels of the waning moon. The day was not as dark as the image shows ~ the camera's eye could not capture the colors and subtleties that my eye could see. I am thrilled it captured what it did.

Venus Chasing Luna

Luna faces away, moving higher and further into the brightening sky. She searches for Sol, hoping to meet Him, to be able, for whatever time possible, to touch and be touched by Him. Deep in Her pursuit, Luna is unaware of Venus trailing behind. With a subltety unusual for Her, Venus stays behind Luna's back, in Her shadow. She is intrigued by the movement of the Goddess of the Night.
"Where does She think She is going?" muses Venus. "Aurora rides the horizon. Luna becomes a shade soon; She cannot hold Her shape much longer."
Yet Luna continues Her upward journey. She is determined. Even Aurora's strong, bright presence cannot dissuade Her nor drive Her from Her chosen path. Ahead of Her, barely visible on the horizon, rose Sol. Luna stretched forward to reach Him before She faded away. On seeing His beloved Luna, Sol also stretched forth to reach Her. At the last moment, almost touching, Luna's form faded into the bright glow of Aurora as She drove the night away to prepare for the coming of Sol and day.
Venus, as the Goddess of love, was deeply touched by the heartbreak that played out morning after morning and night after night for the two lovers. She determined to help them have time to be together.

Have you ever felt yourself chasing after something or someone who always seemed out of reach? Did you give up your chase? Were you aware of anyone else around you?

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