Thursday, September 18, 2014

Between Moons

We recently experienced the third Super Moon in as many months. This Full Moon was in Pisces ~ cleansing the deep emotional realms all the way to the karmic level. With this moon came heightened sensitivity and an unearthing of old wounds for the process of washing away the residue of whatever you need to leave behind.

As the moon wanes, we are left with the 'afterglow' ~ the deep questions that the emotional cleansing brought to light:
What is my truth? Who am I called to be? Why did I incarnate in this very moment in history? Can I leave behind the old ways? Can I embrace the new? Where is my intuition leading me? Will I find my way through the darkness to the new dawn?

We have slipped just past the Third Quarter Moon on our way to a New Moon. The time is ripe for continuing to focus on removing any blocks or negative energies that may inhibit the ability to manifest goals. As we sit between the Phases of the Moon, I continue to shed everything that no longer serves me.

Do you use the phases of the moon as a guide throughout the month? How do you work with the phases of the moon? How do these mini-months shine light into your world?

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