Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Become Infinity

Aahh. Another 'Teabag Tarot' moment!

I love the simplicity of this thought. Open up to infinity. Open up to the Divine. Open up to joy. Open up to ..... whatever it is you want to manifest in your life.

If you open to infinity, to infinite possibility, you choose having that in your life. It's easy to continue in the mundane processes of our day-to-day existence and pretend that everything is 'just fine' ~ forgetting that there is so incredibly much more to who and what we are.

What does it mean to 'become infinity'? For me, it means to partake of the universe, to allow for all the possible wonderful things to occur in my life. Becoming infinity. Wow! What a concept! Allowing my soul, my spirit, my deepest part of my being, to expand to a place and point where I don't recognize my surroundings. Where life is multidimensional, as in more than 3D. It means to flow in the moment, to let go of the parameters I place on myself, the expectations of limitation.

I know how 'woo-woo' that sounds. It's not about seeing anything other than what's already there. For me, becoming infinity encompasses new definitions of what is possible and I like that feeling.

What does 'becoming infinity' mean to you? How would you open yourself to infinity? Why would you open yourself up? What good can come of it? What risk?

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