Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventure in Artistry

"This is the sort of adventure that rips you open, dripping with life-force. Delivers you to mystery. Unfastens you from what comforts you. Frees you to allure you to the edge, to the liminal, misty, in-between-space and time where soul thrives, madness bubbles, heart tears open, where women and men heal, sob, tremble hard, and learn to serve soul, humans, other-than-humans and the earth with fierce care and solid artistry.
Artistry is a way of living. ... We are naturally evolutionary artists of soul -- individually and collectively. Our work, perhaps, is to remember this. And to share the remembrance lavishly. No holding back. No apologies."                            ~  Melissa LaFlamme

Living in and with and within artistry is an incredible adventure. Sometimes I sit at the edge of that adventure and stare wide-eyed into the hazy spark of life. I stutter and make false-starts, finding myself drawn in and scared away all at the same time. This is the type of adventure that has ever described my life. Not flying down a hill on skis or jumping from an airplane in free-fall. My personal adventure ~ and artistry ~ is internal, deep and full and expansive in so very many ways.

When asked what I want to do with my life when I grow up ~ though I am far beyond the physical 'grown up' phase ~ I say, "Write" or "Breathe" or "Travel" or any of those places and spaces that continues to take me on that ever-adventure of inner-outer to outer-inner and back again. I have lived a blessed life. My goal is to use? ~~ no, wrong term ~~ ride out the adventure as a blessing for myself and for those around me ~~ as a way of bringing wholeness and healing into the world.

From that place, I honor the final thoughts of Melissa's poetry: "No holding back. No apologies." Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your words ~ and allowing me to continue the sharing!

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