Saturday, March 29, 2014

Five Herons in Two Days

With two days of rain in the area, the ground's wet ~ around here that means a near-reclaiming of the wetlands. On the patch of grass next to the on-ramp, there was a heron standing there watching traffic pass by. There were two herons in another low spot that often turns to swampland this time of year. Two herons stood in a field ~ also reclaimed wetland. There may have been another one or two that I saw as well; these stayed in my memory.

In the Animal Wisdom Tarot, the themes for Heron are Inner Vision, Trust, Timing, Balance and Resolution. The message of Heron is "Take time to feel deeply and choose wisely."

Most notable in the inner vision of the herons over the past two days is their absolute Presence. Each one stood solo, looking around, awake, aware. The sense of Presence and Balance and Rightness was tangible with each one. They reminded me of my own need to stand in balance and presence. Like the heron, I am called on to stand alone even when with others, to be aware of and awake to my own dance and my own path.

What animal has crossed your path recently? What message is that animal speaking to you? How do you manifest the power and gift of that animal?

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  1. Geese! and not flying, but feeding. I've seen flocks of them for the past week - and every time I do, I am happy. They are a sign that winter is over on the East Coast -- (tho I must say, the day after I saw the first flock and got so giddy - we had another day of snow). Ted Andrews, in Animal Speak, says they are aids in communication esp. for stories; signs of fertility; & harbringers of fulfilled promised that great quests bring. I'll take all of it!